Holiday Party Pax!


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Holiday Party Pax are the solution to ending the pain and suffering of holiday bloat, indigestion and the hangover from food and libations.  They are great in stockings, the party favor bowl or on the holiday table.  Ideal for Thanksgiving, holiday parties, holiday travel and to feel great the morning after which ever holiday- Xmas, Hannukah or Kwanzaa- that you celebrate.

Love the holidays but hate the bloat, hangovers and weight gain?  Do you have food sensitivities, digestive issues or just hate when your dietary indiscretions throw off your health game?

Then the Holiday Party Pax are the solution for you.

Prevent stomach aches, bloating and hangovers from holiday meals, parties and dietary indulgences. Top quality herbal, nutritional and enzyme formulas help detoxify alcohol and digest rich fatty foods, sweets, dairy and gluten.

Each packet contains:

  • Liver Lover: helps the liver recover from the extra stress of heavy meals and alcohol an
  • Detox: helps the body metabolize the alcohol more effectively
  • Digest: broad spectrum enzyme, helps digest fats, proteins and sugars
  • Super Digest: enzymes for difficult to digest allergenic proteins in wheat, soy, dairy and corn

Help your friends, family and co-workers say good bye to the holiday party bloat and hangover. Get a 50 count box to put into a big bowl to have available for your guests at your next office or holiday party for the best party favors ever.  Or take a look at the Holiday Combo Pax


“The Holiday Pax are amazing! I feel so good this morning after eating dairy wheat yeast sugar. Thank you!”

Valerie Vala, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Portland, OR


"The Party Pax saved my life." - RJ, San Mateo
"Worked like a charm." - Chris Branson, San Francisco
"They really do work wonders."  - Heidi Kaden, San Francisco 


ps- The Holiday Party Pax are the same great formula as the Food + Drink Pax in cute multi-holiday friendly packaging.

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