Extreme Pax


Due to massive Burning Man demand, Extreme Pax are out of stock. We are expecting more early January, and they are available for PREORDER only.  

In the meantime, we have the Extreme Pax work around bundle available and  Happy Tuesdays Post-Rave Wellness Packs from our U.K. product partners.


The Extreme Pax Workaround Formulas Bundle is a bundle of 3 Formula Bottles-  one that is similar to Declench, one similar to Brain Reboot and one similar to Detox.  I recommend taking 2 of each to recreate the Extreme Pax experience. This will provide you with 30-60 doses.



Also check out Happy Tuesdays Post-Rave Wellness Packs from our U.K. product partners for another option available in 3 and 6 count quantities. This is ideal if you are wanting smaller, individually printed packets. 

We hope this helps and provides support for all of your festivities!!


 A little more about our recovery products;


Four potent and effective formulas in one convenient pack help restore, rebalance and detoxify after a big night out, repeated days of partying or travel. They are especially helpful after more 'extreme' substances.


  • Protect your brain and liver with powerful anti-oxidants,

  • Relax clenching and tight muscles with important minerals

  • Reboot your brain neurotransmitters with amino acids, like 5-HTP and tyrosine, and the support nutrients needed to make them effective  


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