Immune Support Bundles

Ongoing: Dr Cory will continue to send nutritional and herbal immune supplements to Navajo Families in need.  Thank you for all of your generous contributions on Giving Tuesday.  We were able to send $600 worth of immune support and therapeutic supplements from that one day. 

If you would simply like to donate, choose the DONATION bundle.

Dr Cory has been working with Ajooba' hasin Families helping Families on Navajo Nation and has donated over $3000 in immune support supplements.  Please help her to give even more.   

From the organization:

Working from the principle of kinship and generosity, this organization provides emergency assistance to families of the Navajo nation with the ultimate aim of growing resilience and honoring the sovereignty for our community and our culture.

The most vulnerable members of our community have been placed in an even more precarious position during this pandemic. Our community thrives through social connection and mutual aid, and COVID19 has upended the traditional ways we rely on to care for each other. 

Care means providing for the most urgent needs first, so our work during the COVID19 crisis is focused on providing essential needs (food, water, fuel) to members of our community. 

This community is experiencing unspeakable loss. Though we mourn for the loss of our beloved friends, family and neighbors we continue to tend to the urgent needs of the living.