Combo Pax


Need a variety of Party Pax?  Combo Pax have you covered with several different options to chose from and save a few bucks. 


Festival Package - $48

Cover all your bases, feel great and recover quickly at festivals and while traveling!


  • 4 Daily Maintenance Pax
  • 2 Extreme Pax
  • 2 Booze Pax

Playa Package - $80 

Cover all your bases, feel great and recover quickly at longer festivals, while traveling and on the Playa!


  • 7 Daily Maintenance Pax
  • 3 Extreme Pax
  • 3 Booze Pax


Psychonaut Special aka Extreme Package - $80 

When Extremes + Daily's are all you need for the Playa, festivals and beyond.


  • 7 Daily Maintenance Pax
  • 6 Extreme Pax

Rockstar Package - $168  

Having a party? Getting ready for a few festivals in a row? We got ya (plus a friend or two) covered!


  • 10 Booze Pax
  • 10 Extreme Pax
  • 10 Daily Maintenance Pax

    Playa Warrior Kit - $198  

    The whole kit and caboodle! Stock up on Party Pax for you, have a few to share  plus all the extra goodies you need to stay healthy in intense extreme environments!


    • 10 Extreme Pax
    • 10 Booze Pax
    • 10 Daily Maintenance Pax
    • Awesome Throat Spray
    • Herbal Cough Elixir
    • Soothing Eye Drops
    • Extreme Health Guide

    Party Baller Package - $470 

    Make it rain Party Pax!! Great for parties, festivals, Burning Man camps, and feeling abundant!

    • 50 Extreme Pax Box
    • 50 Booze Pax Box


    New! Mardi Gras Party Pax Combo! -$48

    Every thing you need for letting the bon temps roulee!

    Are you going to Mardi Gras? Does this sound familiar?

    • You think you won’t over do it
    • You get back to your room and spend the night on the bathroom floor or hugging the toilet bowl
    • You lose a day of fun with your friends because you are hungover, exhausted, and can’t leave the hotel room
    • You get back to work and it takes you 3 days for the brain fog and fatigue to clear

    I am all about you having a good time WITHOUT the consequences.

    So if this rings a bell, then the Mardi Gras Combo Pax is designed especially for you to get the most out of your trip. 

    This combo contains:

    • 4 Daily Maintenance Pax
    • 4 Booze Pax
    • 1 Extreme Pax

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