The Rockstar Cleanse


Living the high life ain't easy and can take a toll on the liver, as well as brain neurotransmitters.  This can result in feeling sluggish, low mood, cravings and keep you in the stimulation/sedation cycle.

Might you fall into one of these categories?

  • Are you out at events, dinners, parties, concerts or events 3-5 nights/week?
  • Do you drink multiple days or nights/week?
  • Do you travel regularly?
  • Are you stressed out and a comprehensive cleanse (with lots of diet and lifestyle changes) is too much for you to take on right now?

Then this cleanse is designed with you in mind .  All you have to do is take 1 or 2 packets/day. To give your liver some much needed TLC.

While many know the Party Pax as being great to prevent hangovers and reboot your brain after big nights out, they are actually REALLY good for your liver, helping it rejuvenate and detoxify more effectively, to cleanse impurities from your system and rebuild important nutrient stores. When the body is not busy detoxifying alcohol it can use those resources to up-level your overall health status. 

  • Extreme Pax help to balance neurotransmitters, boosting mood, improving sleep, helping focus and decreasing cravings.
  • Booze Pax support liver detox and replenish lost nutrients that can be depleted from the Rockstar lifestyle. 

This is a super easy 20 day cleanse to support your liver and cleanse impurities from the system in an effective and gentle way. 

The Rockstar Cleanse comes with:

  • 20 Booze Pax,
  • 4 Extreme Pax 
  • Foods, tips and tricks to enhance your cleanse. 

Its a simple protocol:

Day 1-4:  

  • Take 1 Booze Pax in the morning with a llittle food 
  • Take 1 Extreme Pax at night before bed 

Day 5-20:

  • Take 1 Booze Pax Daily