Daily Maintenance Pax


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Everything you need to stay healthy on the Playa, festivals or traveling.   Dr Cory created this one for people who want to feel their best in stimulating and intense environments- whether partying or not! 


Each Daily Maintenance Pax contains:

  • High-quality multi-vitamin mineral formula with bioactive vitamins and easily absorbed minerals
  • Antioxidants that increase oxygenation for energy, brain cell and memory support herbs and nutrients
  • Liver detox and glutathione enhancers, magnesium and electrolytes for healthy muscles and nerves and spasm prevention
  • Brain Nutrients to turn your brain and memory on
  • Vitamin C to boost the immune system
  • Fish oil for lubrication and to decrease inflammation

Each Daily Maintenance Pax consists of:

  • A packet of 3 capsules and one softgel 
  • A packet of great tasting, stevia sweetened powdered bionic nutrients + electrolytes to mix in 12-32 oz of water.

Your one-stop shop to feeling great!

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