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Optimal health starts in the gut and the next level of GI support is here! Gastrotene™ is the only GI health support product that contains 2-Beta Coxatene®, a new class of nutritional ingredient. 2-Beta Coxatene® is an all-natural protein & herbal blend providing the right balance and support for healthy immune signaling and stem cell activation to support your body’s ability to create new, healthy, epithelial lining for a healthy gut.

Put your body to work for:

  • Optimal Digestion*
  • Intestinal Health*
  • Healthy Immunity*

Gastrotene™ makes supporting a healthy gastrointestinal tract easy with the added ingredients of glutamine and slippery elm - you now have a complete GI supplement in one capsule. Properly functioning GI tracts can better absorb and utilize the nutrients needed for strong immune function. Start supporting your gut with Gastrontene™.

Designed for complete GI care, Gastrotene™ combines powerful and natural GI nutrients specially formulated to support and maintain GI tract integrity and promote peak GI function. 

  • For people who: Need gastrointestinal support
  • Available forms: 60 capsules
  • Suggested dosage: one (1) to three (3) capsules per day
  • Key ingredients: 2-Beta Coxatene®, Glutamine, Slippery Elm