Physica Energetics - Aperture Energetics Intrinsic Spagyric Botanical Tinctures


These are hand made Spagryic remedies manufactured in accordance with the proven laws and time-honoured processes laid down hundreds of years ago. It may require 60-90 days to make the concentrated tincture which is then decanted into a 60mL blue bottle (protects the remedy). Labeling and bottling are performed without electricity.

This noble hand-crafted process offers a rich, robust product full of aroma, without that slightly burned taste that is so apparent in many fast heat processed tinctures. You will be delightfully surprised to see the vibrant colours of the remedy, due in part to the Spagyric process which virtually eliminates the botanicals' exposure to molecular changing oxidation and also to the high quality of organic and wildcrafting sourcing of the raw material.

All raw materials are bio-dynamically grown or wildcrafted where possible, and draw from the finest ancient and modern traditions of herbal medicine from the West, Ayurvedic India, South American Amazon and Traditional Chinese Botanicals.

Practitioners report that these remedies are easily two to three times more potent than standard tinctures, making them exceptionally cost effective.

The name of these (ethno) Intrinsic formulas represents the keynote focal remedy ingredient to which the other ingredients differentiate, constellate and amplify.