Acute Immune Boost


Acute Immune Boost contains powerful doses of the top nutrients involved in positive immune function, including vitamins A, C, D, and zinc [1]. Two top immune-boosting plant extracts, elderberry and andrographis complete this potent, synergistic formula.

Another must have for the medicine cabinet in these current times.  

Acute Immune Boost is designed for short-term use and rapid immune support, with heavy-hitting nutrients and botanical extracts to quickly bring your body systems back to optimal function. Missed sleep, chronic stress, and nutritional insufficiencies are all factors that may negatively affect immune function. This blend contains powerful doses of top nutrients involved in immune function (such as vitamins A, C, D, and zinc) and so is not meant for long-term, daily use. Sambucus (elderberry) and Andrographis, two potent herbs for immune health, complete this synergistic formula.

  • Supplies needed nutrients for healthy immune function
  • Provides herbal blend with NAC to support upper respiratory health
  • Sambucus (elderberry) and Andrographis are provided in research-backed amounts for optimal immune response


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