General Party Pax FAQ’s

When do I take my Dr. Cory’s Party Pax? 

Ideally, you want to take your Booze Pax towards the end of your night or drinking experience for hangover prevention. 

Take your Extreme Pax at the end of the night  (whenever that may be!) for best results. 

The Daily Maintenance Pax is best taken shortly after waking.  Mix the powdered multi-vitamin electrolyte formula with 12- 32 oz of water and take the pills with a little food.  


What if I forget to take my Dr. Cory’s Party Pax?

Then take it as soon as you remember!  (in the middle of the night, or when you wake up). The Booze Pax works most effectively to prevent a hangover if you take it before bed, so do your best to get it in before going to sleep so you wake up feeling great!


What can I do to make sure I don’t forget my Dr. Cory’s Party Pax?

Here are a couple of tips: 

1) Keep it by your bedside or on your pillow with a glass of water at the ready

2) Keep one in the bathroom by your toothbrush, or in the kitchen can be helpful as well.  Someplace where you will see them.

3) Dr. Cory always carries a few in her purse.  That way she has one on hand and has a couple to give to her friends.

4) Give them to your sober friend or designated driver.

5) Keep one in your toiletry bag, especially when traveling.

6) Set a timer on your phone to remind you to take it at the end of the night!


Extreme Pax FAQ’s

How do the Extreme Pax work?

  • The formulas in the Extreme help boost serotonin and dopamine, important neurotransmitters that make you happy, focused and motivated. These important chemical messengers get depleted with stress, lack of sleep, high carb and sugar diets, drinking alcohol, smoking and use of particular mind-altering substances such as MDMA (Ecstasy), Cocaine and Psychedelics.
  • Initially, alcohol and these mind-altering substances create a boost in serotonin and dopamine levels, which can create a sense of euphoria, but afterwards these neurotransmitters take a dip, which can result in feelings of low mood, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Extreme Pax help to reboot the brain to minimize this untoward effect.
  • The initial flood of dopamine can also create increase muscle tension and clenching, especially in the jaw and alterations in the eye muscles.  Extreme Pax were also formulated to help support proper muscle function and decrease spasms and cramping.
  • These nutrients formulas also boost glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant, to help protect the body’s cells and liver from the damaging effects of alcohol and toxins and boost overall energy levels.

I take 5-HTP.  Isn’t that enough to help my brain recover?

Dr. Cory likes to say that the Extreme Pax go beyond 5-HTP.  While this nutrient can help to support healthy serotonin levels in the brain, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your brain and body get a complete reboot.

  1.  5-Hydroxytryptophan( 5-HTP) needs B-6, B-12 and Vitamin C to ensure that it converts to serotonin effectively. Often people are deficient in these nutrients- especially vegetarians and stressed out people.  Modern humans burn through them or they do not get absorbed well.  So in that sense, 5-HTP on its own is not enough.  
  2.  Psycho-active substances like MDMA and psychedelics can deplete both serotonin AND dopamine, as well as other nutrients and neurotransmitters in the body that require additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids to replenish and rebuild them.  Like tyrosine for example.

So it is important to address these factors when considering taking nutrients for harm reduction.


What are the big white pills?

The 2 biggest identical white pills are a calcium-magnesium mineral formula that help to decrease muscle tension and clenching, especially of the jaw.  You can take them during your journey if needed, or take them at the end of the evening.  

Are Extreme Pax safe?

Yes.  They are made of physician quality, activated nutrients.  Thousands of Extreme Pax have been used safely. In fact, some people just take them to feel more energized and clear, and boost their mood- even if they have not been partying.  They are also great post traveling.

You will want to use caution or consult with your doctor if you are taking anti-depressants, as some of the ingredients may influence their efficacy.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you will want to check with your doctor first before taking them


Booze Pax FAQ

How do they work?

Dr Cory’s Booze Pax are a powerful blend of physician quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids in a capsule form.  These formulas help the body get rid of and process the substances that make you feel bad after drinking alcohol (called acetylaldehyde and congeners). These nutrients also help protect the liver from the damaging effects of alcohol. Which means you wake up feeling clear and energized, instead of foggy and sick.

What is in a Booze Pax?

A Booze Pax consists of 3 different formulas in 5 capsules: There are 2 Detox, 2 Reboot and 1 Recover capsules.  You will want to take all of the capsules at one time

When do I take my Booze Pax?

Ideally, you want to take your Booze Pax towards the end of your night or drinking experience.

Will Dr. Cory’s Booze Pax decrease my buzz?

Generally no, but in some people it can significantly enhance alcohol metabolism, so they may not get as buzzed. This is why we suggest taking it when you are ready to stop drinking or towards the end of your night.

Are Booze Pax safe?

Yes.  They are made of physician quality, activated nutrients.  Thousands of Booze Pax have been used safely. In fact, some people just take them to feel more energized and clear, even if they have not been drinking alcohol.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you will want to check with your doctor first before taking them.


Is there anything else I can do to prevent my hangover symptoms?

Dr. Cory’s Booze Pax work even better with a big glass of water, coconut water, and sleep! Also, adding an Oxylent Packet to increase hydration and electrolytes can amplify the efficacy of a Booze Pax.


How should I take my Mardi Gras Combo Pax?

The ideal is to take a Daily Maintenance Pax when you get up in the morning with a little food to start your day with a shot of mental clarity and energy and mineral support. Take a Booze Pax before bed if you are drinking.  Take the Extreme Pax before bed if your party extends into psychoactive substances, or at the end of your trip after multiple days of drinking and dancing, etc.

Pro tip-if you have had a lot to drink, take the Oxylent Packet  (from your Daily Maintenance Pax or order some extras) with a big glass of water along with your Booze Pax.  This will give you extra electrolytes + hydration and especially helps if you have the spins, tend to not sleep well after drinking or are really prone to hangovers.



What is your position on partying?


While we don’t condone excessive drinking or illicit substance, we do accept everyone’s right to choose, and believe people should be offered support, not judgment. We’re all about making sure everyone has a good time, gets home safely, and does everything they can to stay healthy through the experience. By offering an effective, high-quality  formulations, Dr Cory's Party Pax make dependable support easy and accessible.




Playa and Festival FAQ’s

When is the last day I can order to ensure I get my Party Pax in time for Burning Man?

We recommend placing your order by the Monday before Burning Man begins to ensure delivery by Friday before the Burn. You may order after Monday, and expedite your delivery, and we will do our best to get to you in time.  You can always give us a call or email us to make arrangements as we really want to get your Party Pax to you!!

Also, please note, we make a limited number of Daily Maintenance Pax every year, and usually sell out, so a little further nudge to get your order in early and cross that to do off your Playa prep list.


How can I get Party Pax for Burning Man if I live outside of the United States?

While we can ship internationally, we recommend shipping your Party Pax to a friend or campmate in the US, or to a hotel or residence where you will be staying stateside.  That will ensure that they get into your hands and don't get held up in customs. And will save you some $$ on shipping as well.  


 I don’t know what to order for the Burn/Festival.  What is the optimal way to take the Party Pax?

Here is Dr.Cory’s basic recipe for getting your party on and feeling great too…whether you are going to the Playa, festivals, weddings or simply traveling.

  • Take a Daily Maintenance Party Pax per day. Usually upon waking with a little food.

  • Take an additional Dr. Cory’s  Party Pax before bed depending on what you might be indulging in.  A Booze Pax if you have been drinking or an Extreme Pax if you partook in any psychoactives or mind-altering substances, or have jet-lag.

For your convenience, we have a few Combo Pax of Pax to make it easy for you to decide!



How many Party Pax should I order for the Burn?

Basically, you will want to take at least one Party Pax a day, ideally two for optimal party recovery. ( see FAQ above)  So calculate how many days you will be on the playa, take into account what you may possibly be imbibing or ingesting, and add a few extra to give away to your friends, camp mates and new acquaintances! They will be forever indebted- or keep it simple and order a Combo Playa Pax or Combo Playa Pax Extreme



Can I alter what is in a Combo Pax or order in bulk?

If you have a specific request feel free to ask.  If we have the time and bandwidth, we would love to accommodate you, and work out discounted pricing for large bulk orders.  If we are just up to our ears in orders, we may have to say no.