Rave Reviews


I'm somewhat obsessed with nutrition and tend to take a lot of supplements at home. I was looking for a reputable method of ensuring my body would not just hold up - but feel better than ever while partying.  The Party Pax are a one stop shop for next day rehab. I ordered enough Party Pax for both me and my boyfriend, and we decided to take Dr Cory's Party Pax every day at Burning Man. I have NEVER felt better in my life - strong, energized, clear headed, and most of all, my mood was upbeat and HAPPY! I now take them with me traveling and have a stash at home. Highly recommend!!

Julia Allison, Journalist, Author and Former Bravo Star




Dr. Cory's Party Pax are a lifesaver. I'll never hit a night out in San Francisco without them! Muchos thanks!


John, Designer, Buy Me Brunch



Dr. Cory's Party Pax have been a life saver. It's so convenient to have everything you need to replenish in the right dose. Whether I'm having a few drinks out with friends, staying up late into the wee hours dancing, or even traveling for work, her Party Pax keep from feeling depleted. I no longer have to carry around 5 different bottles of supplements. Hallelujah for a super high quality formula hand selected from an awesome Naturopathic doctor specifically designed for the healthy hedonist. Thanks Dr. Cory!

Stacey Morgenstern, Author, Speaker, Mama


Dr Cory, I have not had a hangover since meeting you and discovering your Booze Pax. So many hours of suffering saved. Thank you for your gift to me and to the world!


Michael Costuros, Founder, Entrepreneurs Awakening



With the support of Party Pax I KNOW I can push my edges and still care for my body. I love sharing the pax with friends too. I so appreciate the care that Dr. Cory has put into these supplements. I recommend them to everyone. Thank you Dr. Cory!


April C. Taylor, Teacher, Priestess and Performer, Terra's Temple




 Love the [Party} Pax by the way... saved my ass during SXSW.

Andrew Hamra, owner RunnuR







Just wanted to let you know that the Party Pax were a huge success in Vegas! Thank you again. They really do work wonders.

Heidi K., Social worker, non-profit organization






We took the party pax at LIB this summer...they saved us! It was so hot during the day and the party pax made all the difference. We had energy, no mood swings, basically no hangover! I'm a FAN and so are my friends !! Thank you.

Sunita Lasdow