DONATION: Basic Immune Bundle


Dr. Cory has been working with Ajooba' Hasin, a Navajo community organization helping to bring food, water, emergency assistance and nutritional supplements and medicines to Navajo families suffering from CoVid.  This community has been hit especially hard- due to lack of access of medical care, distance from health services, lack of running water, electricity, drought, lack of good nutrition and access to food. 

For give back Tuesday, with each immune bundle purchased, she will be donating an immune bundle to the organization.

If you would simply like to contribute to the supplement donations that she will be sending, this is the option for that.

Thus far, she has sent over $2000 worth of products to support the Navajo community.  The families that have access to this support fare much better than those without.  Thus far, all of the families that have received support have gotten through the illness.  Gratefully. 


The trifecta of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc are known to regulate and create a healthy immune response and help fight infections. 

In one study of over 212 people with CoVid19 infections, 96% of those with a mild infection had adequate Vitamin D levels vs only 4% in those with critical or severe cases.  So take your Vitamin D!

Each bundle comes with my CoVid 19 Immunity Handout. 

Due to shortages in all of these supplements, we are putting bundles together with the best high quality professional grade formulas that are available to us at the time, so specific brands may vary, but know you are getting the good stuff.  Feel free to send us a note and specify if you prefer liquid or caps. 

Each Immune Bundle includes high quality, bioavailable:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc