Fast Bars


The First Bar for Intermittent Fasting
Our new Fast Bar® has the same great taste, premium ingredients, and revolutionary proprietary science — but now — it has less sugar, less fat, and less carbs!
Nuts + Cacao Chips flavor, tastes fantastic. Now with fewer calories and less sugar (5g instead of 8g), there has never been a better time to experience the incredible combo of cacao chips and premium nuts, like almonds, pecans, and macadamias. Curb your hunger, nourish yourself, and get the most out of your fast with Fast Bar!
Nuts + Dark Cocoa flavor, now with fewer calories and just 5 g of sugar! This delicious bar is a real crowd-pleaser. Aside from its mouthwatering, dark cocoa flavor, this tasty nutrition bar also packs a premium blend of almonds, pecans, and macadamias. Not only does it satisfy your palate and nourish you, but with Fast Bar, you can fast with food™.
Nuts + Honey flavor! This classic nutrition bar, now with less calories and less sugar (5g instead of 8g), is the perfect combination of honey and a premium blend of almonds, pecans, and macadamia nuts. Satisfy your palate, nourish yourself with the nutrients your body needs, and curb your hunger until your next meal with Fast Bar.

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