Festival Warrior Deluxe Adjunct Bundle

$225.00 $249.60

Includes everything in the The Playa Warrior Bundle, plus all my favorite things to keep you and a few campmates healthy + feeling good in challenging environments. Save 10%.


Throat Mist: I carry this with me at all times
Natural Eye Drops: Individual doses. Store in the cooler for extra soothing relief
Nasal/Sinus Spray: use 1-2/day to sooth dry nasal passage and bind up toxins and microbes
Herbal Cough Elixir: use to soothe playa lung
Electrolytes: 2 packets daily to stay hydrated and sharp. Electolytes come in Lemon-Lime, Orange, Cranberry, Cherry-Lime or Grape.  Let us know if you have a preference or we will chose based on what is in stock!
Tri-Fortify Glutathione Packets: for your daily dose of detox, and protection from chemicals + smoke.  This is the best tasting glutathione I have found.  Specify Orange or Watermelon flavor
Acute Immune Boost: great for warding off colds and flus and viruses.  Take 2 daily for maintenance or several times/day if you get sick
GI Detox: in case of stomach ache, diarrhea, food poisoning or stomach flu
Colon Max: take one at night to keep the bowels moving in dry climes

For specific ingredients/descriptions, please see individual items.

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