Booze Pax


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  • Dr. Cory's Booze Pax help you skip the hangover before it starts!
  • Dr Cory’s Booze Pax are a powerful blend of physician-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids in a capsule form to protect your brain and body from the painful effects of alcohol indulgence.
  • These formulas help support the body to get rid of the substances that make you feel bad after drinking alcohol - like acetylaldehyde and congeners.
  • These nutrients also help protect the liver from the damaging effects of alcohol. So you wake up feeling clear and energized instead of foggy and sick. Wake up feeling ready to rock rather than ready to roll over!
  • Alcohol is very dehydrating. The Booze Pax replenish the lost nutrients and electrolytes, but it is still very important to drink plenty of water after your Booze.

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