Extreme Pax


UPDATE- while we are waiting for more Extreme Pax to be produced, we are excited to announce TWO different options for you.  YAY. Thank you for all of your inquiries + support messages!


Option 1: We are excited to have partnered with Happy Tuesdays Post-Rave Wellness Packs from across the pond..  Think: the Extreme Pax's  groovy UK cousin! Similar ingredients, same great recovery benefits as the Extreme Pax. They are available in 3-packs up to 100 pack quantities.  Learn more and order yours here!


Option 2: The Extreme Pax workaround is a bundle of 3 Formulas-  one that is similar to Declench, one similar to Brain Reboot and one similar to Detox.  I recommend taking 2 of each to recreate the Extreme Pax experience. This will provide you with 30-60 doses.

We hope this helps and provides support for all of your festivities!!



 A little more about our recovery products;


Four potent and effective formulas in one convenient pack help restore, rebalance and detoxify after a big night out, repeated days of partying or travel. They are especially helpful after more 'extreme' substances.


  • Protect your brain and liver with powerful anti-oxidants,

  • Relax clenching and tight muscles with important minerals

  • Reboot your brain neurotransmitters with amino acids, like 5-HTP and tyrosine, and the support nutrients needed to make them effective  


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