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What Party Pax to Order for Burning Man to Stay Healthy???? August 14 2018, 1 Comment

If you are going out to Burning Man this year, check out our Combo Pax – Dr. Cory’s best selling combinations of the Party Pax to cover all of your bases with everything you need to stay healthy on the Playa (or at other festivals, or traveling) all in one convenient Combo Pax.    


From the Festival Package to the Playa Package, the Psychonaut Special to the Rockstar Package – Dr. Cory’s Combo Pax have all your Burning Man recovery needs dialed.

Or take it to the next level with the Playa Warrior kit, which includes:

10 Extreme Pax, 10 Booze Pax, 10 Daily Maintenance Pax –  all the Party Pax you need to stay healthy for a week, plus some to share with friends, as well as a Throat Spray, Cough Elixir to prevent and treat Playa lung,  Homeopathic Eye drops to keep you rocking the Playa and feeling great when you return.

Dr. Cory's ideal Rx for staying healthy on the Playa is to take a Daily Maintenance Pax in the morning –  to get your brain on line, support your liver and musculo-skeletal system, and provide your body with a powdered full-spectrum, bioavailable multi-vitamin-mineral-electrolyte formula that is stevia sweetened ( lightly- they taste good).  And then to take a Booze Pax or and Extreme Pax at night- depending upon what you get into. Do that and you are golden.

FAQ's for Playa Orders August 07 2017, 0 Comments

This is such an exciting time for us here at Dr. Cory's Party Pax because we get to send out so many Party Pax and products to help keep people healthy, happy and energized at the Burn and other festivals.

That said, in order to get your products out to you on time and in an efficient manner, we have some guidelines and suggestions for you.

Be sure to place your order by Monday, August 21st to ensure your order arrives by Saturday, August 26th to head out to the Playa.  You can place your order later, and we will do our best to get your Party Pax out to you, but we generally recommend 3-5 business days for delivery. You can always give us a call or contact us directly and we are happy to help you get your Party Pax needs met  :)

Check out our other Festival + Burn specific frequently asked questions here...

Come see Dr. Cory + Get your Burning Man and Eclipse Pax in SF! August 05 2017, 0 Comments

The time is now to stock up on Party Pax to keep you healthy and reveling on the Playa and Beyond.


Order online or come see Dr. Cory in San Francisco on Saturday August 12th at the Five and Diamond Pre-Playa Loft Sale. 

She will be there with a full stock of Party Pax, other products to keep you healthy on the Playa, B-12 shots and there will be great local designers + DJ's for all of your Playa + Festival Gear needs. And did we mention there is a FREE RAFFLE! No joke, this is a raffle with prizes that you will want! 

When: Saturday August 12th, 11:00 am-6:00 pm

Where:  DNA Lounge 

              375 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Joshua Tree Music Festival May 12th-15th May 10 2016, 0 Comments

Join Dr Cory + the Party Pax crew at the Fabulous Joshua Tree Music Festival this Weekend

The Yin to Coachella's yang. This festival always has an amazing line-up of unique music that you won't find assembled anywhere else. Dr. Cory will be having B-12 shot Happy Hour's daily and look for the ladies in white nurse outfits with the Party Pax tray.  We will have all the Party Pax on hand plus a few new goodies on the tray to keep everyone healthy and happy out in the desert.  Hope to see you there!