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Dr. Cory's CoVid 19 + Immune Support Recommendations April 29 2020, 0 Comments

CoVid 19 + Immune Support Recommendations

Do all the practices:

  • Handwashing + use a natural hand sanitizer
  • Wear a mask- add essential oils of clove, wild orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus for extra protection
  • Stay home + practice social distancing
  • Hydrate + use electrolytes (pinch of sea salt, Oxylent Immune or another low sugar/fructose electrolyte of choice)
  • Stay Warm- end showers + saunas in cold, use a scarf
  • Breathe! Exercise those lungs + keep them moist with humidity/steam
  • Gargle with salt water or thyme tea 2x/day, use throat spray (Biocidin TS)  or Zinc lozenge
  • Move your body
  • Sleep
  • Manage your stress- meditate, use online groups or classes, walk, nature, stare at a work of art, take a virtual national park tour.  Laugh.  
  • Use Traditional Health practices

Diet for a Healthy Immune System

Anti-inflammatory diet

  • Include: 
      • Eat the rainbow- green, red and yellow veggies and fruits, eat more veggies than fruits (bioflavanoids!).  Eat 5-7 servings of veggies/day.
      • Sulfur containing foods: garlic, onion, scallions, leeks, fava beans. These foods have been shown to be especially helpful for people with blood type A in preventing respiratory illness
      • Sulforaphane containing foods: brussel sprouts, broccoli 
      • Good fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil, ghee, avocado, fish)
      • Focus on warm cooked foods
      • Gluten Free grains
      • Healthy proteins- salmon + fish,  poultry, tempeh, lamb
      • Bone Broth 
      • Spices + herbs! Turmeric, ginger, rosemary, sage, oregano, basil
      • Green Tea + Herbal Teas ( tulsi + licorice are good)

  • Stay away from:
      • Sugar- all sugar
      • Wheat + baked goods
      • Dairy ( dampness!!)
      • A lot of cold or raw food
      • Red meat, pork, processed meats, charred meats
      • Peanuts + peanut butter
      • Soy? Eggs? Nightshades? Your particular food sensitivities

    Herbs and Supplements

      • Vitamin C- 2,000-3,000mg/day in divided doses.  Liposomal or regular.  Not chewable 
      • Multi-vitamin
      • Vitamin D3- 3,000-5,000 IU/day 
      • Zinc 25- 50 mg/day
      • NAC or Glutathione- 200-400mg/day glutathione liposomal,  600-1200 mg NAC 
      • Elderberry  (Gaia Herbs or Wise Woman Herbals Elderberry Plus) 
      • Selenium (brazil nuts)
      • Green Tea or Olive Leaf Extract
      • Quercitin/Bioflavanoids
      • Probiotics- (Mega Sporbiotic is my favorite)

    Currently, we have preventative + therapeutic immune bundles, as well as individual immune support products in stock at the Feel Better HQ available for pick-up or delivery, or you can order them online through my Feel Better HQ products online here. Feel free to call, text or email us at the Feel Better HQ if you need help. 

    For CoVid-19 Therapeutic Treatment, ie, if you are sick,  please contact me directly to set up a Covid-19 Specific consultation.

    Hope you find this helpful + stay healthy!

    FAQ's for Playa Orders August 07 2017, 0 Comments

    This is such an exciting time for us here at Dr. Cory's Party Pax because we get to send out so many Party Pax and products to help keep people healthy, happy and energized at the Burn and other festivals.

    That said, in order to get your products out to you on time and in an efficient manner, we have some guidelines and suggestions for you.

    Be sure to place your order by Monday, August 21st to ensure your order arrives by Saturday, August 26th to head out to the Playa.  You can place your order later, and we will do our best to get your Party Pax out to you, but we generally recommend 3-5 business days for delivery. You can always give us a call or contact us directly and we are happy to help you get your Party Pax needs met  :)

    Check out our other Festival + Burn specific frequently asked questions here...

    Come see Dr. Cory + Get your Burning Man and Eclipse Pax in SF! August 05 2017, 0 Comments

    The time is now to stock up on Party Pax to keep you healthy and reveling on the Playa and Beyond.


    Order online or come see Dr. Cory in San Francisco on Saturday August 12th at the Five and Diamond Pre-Playa Loft Sale. 

    She will be there with a full stock of Party Pax, other products to keep you healthy on the Playa, B-12 shots and there will be great local designers + DJ's for all of your Playa + Festival Gear needs. And did we mention there is a FREE RAFFLE! No joke, this is a raffle with prizes that you will want! 

    When: Saturday August 12th, 11:00 am-6:00 pm

    Where:  DNA Lounge 

                  375 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103


    Going to that big Festival out in the Desert? August 16 2016, 1 Comment

    If you are going out to the Playa this year, check out our new updated Combo Pax- Everything you need to stay healthy at Burning Man or festivals or traveling all in one convenient Pax. 

    Dr. Cory's ideal RX for staying healthy at these events is to take a Daily Maintenance Pax in the morning- to get your brain on line, support your liver and musculo-skeletal system, and provide your body with a powdered full-spectrum,bioavailable multi-vitamin-mineral-electrolyte formula that is stevia sweetened ( lightly- they taste good).  And then to take a Booze Pax or and Extreme Pax at night- depending upon what you get into.  Do that and you are golden.

    Check out the Playa Pax, Psychonaut Pax or Playa Warrior Kit- ideal for Burning Man.