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How to Protect Your Lungs (and Health) from Wildfire Smoke September 15 2020, 0 Comments

In these intense times of wildfire smoke, these are helpful strategies to:

Prevent lung damage, especially in times of CoVid

Minimize allergies and asthma symptoms

Support Healthy Immune Functions

Support Healthy Detox and Decrease Inflammation

What Party Pax to Order for Burning Man to Stay Healthy???? August 14 2018, 1 Comment

If you are going out to Burning Man this year, check out our Combo Pax – Dr. Cory’s best selling combinations of the Party Pax to cover all of your bases with everything you need to stay healthy on the Playa (or at other festivals, or traveling) all in one convenient Combo Pax.    


From the Festival Package to the Playa Package, the Psychonaut Special to the Rockstar Package – Dr. Cory’s Combo Pax have all your Burning Man recovery needs dialed.

Or take it to the next level with the Playa Warrior kit, which includes:

10 Extreme Pax, 10 Booze Pax, 10 Daily Maintenance Pax –  all the Party Pax you need to stay healthy for a week, plus some to share with friends, as well as a Throat Spray, Cough Elixir to prevent and treat Playa lung,  Homeopathic Eye drops to keep you rocking the Playa and feeling great when you return.

Dr. Cory's ideal Rx for staying healthy on the Playa is to take a Daily Maintenance Pax in the morning –  to get your brain on line, support your liver and musculo-skeletal system, and provide your body with a powdered full-spectrum, bioavailable multi-vitamin-mineral-electrolyte formula that is stevia sweetened ( lightly- they taste good).  And then to take a Booze Pax or and Extreme Pax at night- depending upon what you get into. Do that and you are golden.