How to Protect Your Lungs (and Health) from Wildfire Smoke September 15 2020, 0 Comments

Diet, Nutrients + Herbs to Support Your Lungs + Minimize Smoke Damage

💛 My heart is going out to my friends, fellow humans and creatures in the Western States suffering from loss, damage and death due to wildfires.  Hoping this can help all of you in fire and smoke zones stay healthy. 

🔥 The issue: Fires produce toxins through combustion + toxic structure/buildings that get burned. Smoke can also paralyze the cilia or little hairs that beat mucous + toxins out of the lungs

🙌  Health Goals in relation to Wildfire Smoke

Prevent lung damage, especially in times of CoVid

Minimize allergies and asthma

Support Healthy Immune Functions

Support Healthy Detox and Decrease Inflammation

🙌 Minimize toxins coming in from other sources

-anti-inflammatory diet

- get a HEPA air filter.  I like Rabbit Air or Intellipure or IQ Air.  

Make sure it is quiet and effective as HEPA filters can be quite loud.  I have a $30 savings Code for Rabbit Air (non-affiliate)  ACR1644      

 - wear a minimum of an N95 mask outside

- avoid exercising outside

 - avoiding smoking anything, including cannabis.  Find another delivery method. 

🙌 Optimize Antioxidants and Nutrient Densitiy in your diet 

  • Brightly Colored + pigmented foods are rich in anti-oxidants.  Yellow + Orange foods (turmeric, ginger, squash, carrots) are especially good for the lungs, have vitamin A/beta carotene and are anti-inflammatory
  • Greens + Green Veggies + Green Powders + Matcha /Green Tea
  • Purple + Blue Foods- berries, açaí, maqui berry
  • Avoid dairy + sugar—> they create more mucous
  • Hydrate, hydrate , hydrate to keep the lungs moist

🙌 Specific Nutrients- for detox, inflammation, immune support + decrease allergies

  • NAC- n-acetylcysteine: detox + thins mucous
  • Glutathione- liposomal, IV or nebulized: master detoxifier with high concentrations in the lungs
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Quercitin 

💚 Botanicals/Herbs

  • Kitchen cabinet herbs: teas are great.  Ginger, turmeric, anise, licorice, aromatics like mint, thyme, 
  • Yerba Santa: helps breathing and clearing debris from lungs
  • Wild Cherry, Colt’s Foot + Elecampane: anti-inflammatory, protects the little hairs in the lungs, helps get debris out of the lungs
  • Althea ( marshmallow), mullein, propolis and slippery elm: soothing + healing to the lungs 

Many supportive products are available here in the Feel Better HQ Products for Wildfire Smoke Support. 

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