Free Shipping on Burning Man + Summer Party Orders until August 1st! July 25 2019, 0 Comments

It's that time of year again... Summer Party Time.   Here is a list of events that are tailor made for Party Pax- or vice versa :)
And get free shipping if you order before August 1st by using code SHIP at checkout. 
  • Festival Season: We have a special festival Combo Pax made for multiple days of travel, late nights and partying. 
  • Burning Man: the festival of all festivals.  Extreme Climate + stimulation. I originally created the Party Pax by hand in 2003 to help my hard playing + working friends out on the Playa.  They have since become must have's for anyone going to an extreme and stimulating environment, dancing, biking, exerting, partying, not getting regular sleep + adventuring, getting psychedelic and  drinking.  Seriously, if you don't want to feel like crap, you take a Party Pax.  And thank me in the morning ;) .  Check out the Combo Pax or contact us for bulk orders ( over 100 Party Pax) for your camp.
  • Travel: Plane travel, visiting family, a busy schedule, disruption to your regular routine can take a lot out of you. Support your immune system, brain, muscles and hydration with our Daily Maintenance Pax. 
  • Weddings, Bachelorette's and Bachelor Parties: Crazy week-ends, open bars and never-ending appetizers can super fun until the next morning rolls around, be sure to have your Booze and Daily Maintenance Pax handy. Get some extra for the bride + groom too!